Friday, November 19, 2004

Superchampions Episode #53

It sounded the motor of the car of Héctor Carabalí when rolling by the streets taking to Oliver, Steve, Richard Tex Tex, and to the girlfriend of Oliver, the Patty. The boys talked gladly while Héctor Carabalí lead.

"He hears, Oliver, you I can make a question somewhat personal"

"Sure Richard, asks with confidence."

"it is not no homosexual thing, but... for which man you would become gay and you would suck the yard to him? Gay is not nothing, is single a question."

Oliver remained shut up seconds, and put a face of the type of faces that puts great a dog Danish when you try to explain to him as the quantum physics works. "I believe that I did not understand to you very well, Richard," said finally.

"It is very simple, watches: Without being gay, and without you like the men, what man you consider so handsome, that you would do oral sex to him " Richard Responded.

"You are stupid? How it is happened to you to say that that stupidity is not homosexual, fuck off your mother "

"You know what, Oliver" Steve says putting in the conversation. "I also thought to fuck Richard to speak huevadas, but now that I think it the truth is that I believe that if has a point. I would suck the dick to him to Brad Pitt. Because I am not gay, but because they man leaves in very good films and she deserves herself that they suck the yard to him."

"You see, Oliver, Steve if it understands the idea. Hear, Mr. Carabalí, you to that man would suck the yard to him " Richard Asks.

"Give me think it one short while... Hmm... Would not be sucked it, but if it would give him by the anus to Legolas of the Gentleman of the ring. With that hair painted long until it seems bare handsome, and as he is not very tuco it you can maintain easily of the hands so that one does not escape. That trick I learned it when I was in prison."

"But single you were in prison two hours," says Steve.

"But equal I could take advantage of," answers Carabalí before sticking a macabre outburst of laughter. "That remembers to me that we are going to happen through the bank, because I need to do... we say... retirement to him. Oliver, you take the trimmed one."

"Why we are going to take arms to the bank, Mr. Carabalí" Oliver Asks.

"It is that it is a very dangerous district, with much gang member and... security guard."

"Ah, that explains everything," says Richard to it. "But, Oliver, not yet you have answered whom you would suck the dick to him."

"I do not think to answer that excrement, son of bitch. Stop to speak like gays. They have to me very. Every day it is the same. Why we cannot have one heals to normal conversation on soccer or something "

"Shut up, Oliver, and you do not bother us ," do not say Patty, that there was been listening to with much attention all the conversation. "the subject is most interesting, and it could not have had no fantasy of homosexual men since it finished to Great Brother with the Wolf and the other fag of Alvaro. Continue boy please, and while but details better, it puts to me warms up."

"Which it is not of homosexuals, Leg," says Steve. "One the love to a man can do him, and really love it, without being fag."

"No, not it can, fuck of your mother" Oliver. says "you cannot be fuck to a man without being fag, that is all the point of being gay"

"Sight, Oliver," say Steve. "the problem is here that the homosexual you are. I am very safe of my sexuality. I am so safe, that I can say to you whereupon men I wanted to fuck."

"They pardon that it interrupts, but is a UZI here so that it takes the Leg to it," Carabalí says.

"Arrecho" Patty Says.

"Returning to the subject," Richard says. "I believe that Steve has a point. Your you are scared to say to us to that man you would do the love to him, because you are a homosexual. However we, who we are mans well, can speak calmly of those things. And in addition, the Leg says to me that you never have done him nothing, and that test that you are a fag."

"he is not fag, single he is a asshole," it says Patty to defend it.

"It is perhaps to be asshole to want to arrive virgin at the marriage" Oliver Asks.

"If." Steve, Patty, Richard and Carabalí say at the same time.

"and, in addition, or I said you that I asked to him a priest, and the priest said to me that by back or the mouth she does not count," it adds Patty.

"No, to make sex in nonnatural form it makes cry to the baby Jesus! My papa told me, that a day put by back my mother, and that angered God that caused that all the ovaries in the belly rotted to him, and for that reason I do not have brothers"

"you are not asshole, Oliver," says Steve. "You do not have brothers because your old one is a fag whom it prefers to be put months in a boat with men sweating sailors whom a minute in hole of your mother."

"Steve, you take the thirty and eight," say Carabalí.

"Calumnies! My old one spends in the boat all the day, because it must find the legendary earth dry."

"That is not your old, stupid idiot one, that is man of Waterworld." Patty Says.

"Well, already we arrived at the bank. Ah... by the way... if somebody asks to them, of joke says that they kidnapped to me, "says Carabalí.

"one does not worry, Mr. Carabalí," it says Richard. "Good, but late we finished the conversation."

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